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GitHub - Mawalu/wireguard-private-networking: Build Your Own Multi Server Private Network Using Wireguard And Ansible
This role allowes you to deploy a fast, secure and provider agnostic private network between multiple servers. This is usefull for providers that do not provide you with a private network or if you want to connect servers that are spread over multiple regions and providers.
The role installs wireguard on Debian or Ubuntu, creates a mesh between all servers by adding them all as peers and configures the wg-quick systemd service.
Installation can be done using ansible galaxy:
Install this role, assign a vpn_ip variable to every host that should be part of the network and run the role. Plese make sure to allow the VPN port (default is 5888) in your firewall. Here is a small example configuration:
Optionally, you can set a public_addr on each host. This address will be used to connect to the wireguard peer instead of the address in the inventory. Useful if you are configuring over a different network than wireguard is using. e.g. ansible connects over a LAN to your peer. All about wow private servers
Additional configuration
There are a small number of role variables that can be overwritten. All about wow private servers
This role has a small test setup that is created using molecule. To run the tests follow the molecule install guide, ensure that a docker daemon runs on your machine and execute molecule test.
Feel free to open issues or MRs if you find problems or have ideas for improvements. I'm especially open for MRs that add support for additional operating systems and more tests.

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