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Services Offered Through Different Types of Banks
Banking services that are considered to be commercial include provision of loans, credit cards, savings and cheque accounts, personal loans, mortgages, and business credit cards. Commercial banking is further distinguished from bank management banking or treasury banking. In the United States, there are approximately eighty-two banks and financial corporations with a combined total value of over $700 billion. There are two types of banking: commercial banking and savings banking.

Commercial banks provide a range of banking services and may either engage in depositing, saving or lending funds. In Digital Waves United States, commercial banks operate through the establishment of local banking offices and sometimes have branches overseas. The most typical products offered by commercial banks are saving accounts, checking accounts, loans, mortgages, and CD's. In addition, some commercial banks may also grant customers access to money market, foreign exchange and treasury bills. Commercial banks lend money, create promos, make loans and buy settlements. They may also provide merchant cash advances and traveler's checks.

Savings banks are non-regulated commercial banks that offer checking accounts, savings accounts and various small business banking services such as bill payment and direct deposit. They also usually offer business loans with lower interest rates. Digital Waves are located in community areas or near large cities. Some of the different types of services offered by savings banks are travel checks, bill payment, payroll, ATM card machines, money market, CD's and more. Most banks that specialize in providing business loans also offer a range of other financial services.

Another type of banking services is credit card banking. This type of banking services includes the purchase, sale and transfer of money, goods and services on debit cards. Most credit card providers offer a range of products including gas, airline, lodging, show tickets, and travel passes. Credit cards are convenient for travelers and consumers. Consumers benefit from the ease of use, security, convenience, and security of credit cards.

Electronic Banking: The Internet is one of the fastest growing trends in banking. Internet-based services and products are convenient, fast, safe, and easy to use. Internet-based banks offer a variety of services, including online loan products, electronic bill payment, direct deposit, Internet banking, free checking accounts, bank transfers and electronic funds transfers, and online account management. Some of the different types of Internet banking services available are checking accounts, electronic savings accounts (with no minimum balance), cash advances, electronic auto loans, and digital checking accounts directly with the bank.

Wealth Management: Many US citizens engage in wealth management. Wealth management is a personalized investment plan that helps affluent individuals achieve their financial goals. Many private banks and wealth management companies offer non-traditional investing programs for wealthy clients. For example, wealthy clients may open an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) and invest in real estate, businesses, bonds, securities, mutual funds, and even residential properties (as renters). Wealth management also incorporates asset protection, retirement planning, and life policy planning.

Debit and Credit Card Accounts: Many people use debit and credit card services at places such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other retail establishments. Atmels (ATMs) allows customers to make deposits into their bank accounts through ATMs. Customers can withdraw money from ATM machines as well. Many banks also have debit/credit card machines that allow customers to make deposits and withdraw money from their accounts. Most ATM machines accept major credit cards and checks.

Savings Accounts, Lending Institutions, Certificate of Deposit (CD), and Money Market deposit accounts are offered by many different types of banks. Digital Waves offer checking accounts, savings accounts, and certificates of deposit (CDs) in a variety of interest rates and withdrawal limits. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of special financial tools offered through banks. Individuals can save money with no minimum balance, high interest, direct deposit, paper checks, ATM cash withdrawals, and Internet bill paying.

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