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Was The Modpack Large?
I ran my minecraft launcher via curseforge to download a modpack (1.16.5), and the obtain velocity on the launcher appears to be about 3mb per/s and it's taken about 10 minutes to download 4mbs out of a 300 mb obtain. This is way too sluggish compared to my precise wifi speeds. What am i purported to do to repair it?
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try once more later, is the problem persists contact Mojang about their downloads if its simply the launcher being slow, of curse if its the modpack
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Was the modpack huge?
If it is a preferred modpack then it seemingly is taking a while, with 100s or simply mods with say 10+MB (either or both) it's not shocking.
Try downloading a smaller pack and see what happens. Minecraft Tekkit Servers Or create your personal and check it (additionally if it's downloading the model and different version essential information earlier than the mods and every little thing else that is additionally seemingly).
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You can also check it with one other Launcher
Obtain the modpack directly from curseforge and cargo it with AT Launcher
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Now, what I'd do is connect with Hardwired Wi-Fi, as it is way sooner. Now if that does not work, it is perhaps the mob your making an attempt to launch with forge. If you have a tons of mods, its would normally take 10 - 15 min to load you up. Now thats what I understand of this.

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