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Sex Toy Sales Exploding Because Of Social Distancing
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A cross-section of sex toy sellers told this newspaper on Wednesday that sales began to pick up two weeks before President Muhammadu Buhari announced the 14-day lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and the nation's capital, Abuja. Despite everything, sex dolls’ implications about social context and sexual behavior might not be as cut and dry. Cincinnati-based Pure Romance said its sex toy sales are up 88 percent this week. Earlier in the segment, Jade discussed how her business of sex dolls was booming during the recent lockdown, as many were forced to isolate alone. For real sex dolls and the best price is that those dolls only cost you $ 130 to $150. Companies that provide erotic technologies, such as erobots and networked sex toys, are experiencing higher sales because of the pandemic.
Increasing penetration of the internet and the availability of numerous sex toys on e-commerce platforms are driving the growth of the segment. The anonymity maintained in product delivery is an added advantage for customers opting for online purchases over brick and mortar adult stores. Based on the distribution channel, the global sex toys market is segmented into E-commerce, specialty stores, and mass merchandisers. People could no longer find an online date on Tinder or in a night club, nor meet with their girlfriends like it’s supposed to be during normal days. So, the rise in demand for sex dolls was a natural response of single men to the stay-at-home orders. No doubt, everyone is afraid of sexually transmitted diseases while having sex with multiple partners.
For many people in the U.S., building “personal wealth” means having enough money to send kids to college or retire without worry. For others, being comfortable and getting out of the “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle is important. Whatever your financial aspirations, you can get there more easily through a second income.
Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. Despite this, some experts say that a baby boom probably is unlikely. ● Economic impact on the Sex Doll industry and development trend of the Sex Doll industry.
There are things I consider essential, and then there are things that Oregon considers essential. As it turns out, weed and liquor are essential in the Beaver State, and those businesses remain open under the shelter-in-place order. And as long as many of you folks are staying home, sex is probably a necessity, as well.
We’ve reviewed and can recommend the Wand by We-Vibe or Lovehoney’s Desire app-controlled knicker vibe for this purpose. There are more suggestions on how to get your rocks off in lockdown here, too. Other businesses may struggle due to disruption to supplies they need. Husband-and- wife team Adam and Monika run Godemiche, a UK-based company making brightly coloured silicone sex toys, and told us they’re having to keep a close eye on the supply chain for silicone and other essential materials.
Several modern doll manufacturers now offer the last option on their silicone dolls, with the addition of an internal heating system. But, driven mainly by female and millennial consumers, the country’s nascent sex toy market is valued at over 100 billion yuan ($14.7 billion), according to Chinese research firm iiMedia. But, driven mainly by female and millennial consumers, the country's nascent sex toy market is valued at over 100 billion yuan ($14.7 billion), according to Chinese research firm iiMedia.
This is not a phenomenon that Warby could have anticipated when she joined Lovehoney in August 2019. The opinions on the pandemic's influence on sex life vary depending on who you ask. It seems like everything has switched to the remote and digital mode in 2020, including sexual and dating life.
And he predicts that many people would rather spend Christmas with a sex doll than a human. In Africa, except in light-hearted conversations and on social media, sex and sexuality is still a critical subject and is often approached with caution. Anka Grzywacz is a sexologist, reproductive health expert and Certified Sex Coach™.
Below, we explore five reasons why you should start selling sex toys during the pandemic. Berlin manufacturers WOW say their global sales have trebled over the past year. They have shifted more than four million of their most popular model, the “Womanizer”. While Sweden’s LELO says sex toy sales were up 10 percent in 2020, despite stores being closed.

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