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Run Your Website Like A Pro By Installing The Best Server Management Tools And Software
Running a website perfectly necessitates you to be acutely aware of the various network and server issues as soon as they take place. A monitoring tool or software can be utilized to check for problems which may be caused due to crashed or overloaded servers, poor network connections and other device related problems. Making the decision of the specific tool to measure response time, CPU usage, availability, disk space, memory usage and uptime all comes down to the complexity and size of your network. At times you may also need application monitoring which helps you track processes of MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Postgres and many others.
Companies which offer effective server monitoring services not only offer you exclusive information about the health of your servers but their services also include alerts about the machine's capabilities, performance benchmarking, detailed reporting and data visualizations, to name a few. The ultimate goal of a monitoring tool is to help you keep your website running smoothly. With a plethora of services available with innumerable features, it is difficult to decide which one suits perfectly with your website. Nevertheless, here is a list of tools for you to check out.
Tool #1: Happy Apps
Features & Services: Happy Apps is a monitoring tool which delivers effective monitoring of both your IT system and your apps, thereby offering Agent-based and SSH-based connectivity through public, private and hybrid clouds. You can easily monitor databases, apps, app servers and messaging queues. You can also view individual and overall statuses and dependency maps between systems. Monitoring checks are given on intervals of one to five and Happy Apps can even execute custom queries. The 'mute' feature eliminates unnecessary alerts for the false notifications.
Tool #2: Nagios
Features & Services: Nagios is an open-source monitoring system which helps you recognize and resolve problems related to infrastructure before they even affect any critical process. Grn online offers a personalized view of your total IT structure and shows you detailed and updated status information. You can configure Nagios to monitor and supervise network protocols, system metrics, services, applications and network infrastructure. Any kind of alerts of failures are usually delivered to you through email, SMS or detailed reports so that you can always stay updated on the top concerning issues.
Tool #3: Performance Co-Pilot
Features & Services: Among some of the most popular server management tools, Performance Co-Pilot is one of the most noteworthy ones. It is a form of analysis framework which collects multiple metrics from different Operating Systems by utilizing historical data. PCP supports a number of operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Free BSDX IRIX and Windows 32-bit. Each host which is monitored needs a Performance Metrics Domain Agent (PMDA) which also plays a role in collecting performance measurements from the domain. You can also export required data from log files, databases, mail systems, web servers and search engines with monitoring tools. This system can allow multiple clients to monitor from the same host.
Tool #4: Hyperic HQ
Features & Services: Hyperic is an exclusive company which has its own software for offering native management for Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows natively. Hyperic HQ effectively manages any OS, irrespective of its kind, web server, database server and app server. In addition, Hyperic offers some of the scalable systems monitoring and management software which is available. High-end monitoring functions, efficiency, alerting, graphing and a well designed user interface are some of the positive features of this software.
Tool #5: Anturis
Features & Services: Anturis offers a complete host of tools to monitor services, websites, software and networks, all from one dashboard. As this is entirely cloud-based, there is no need to install extra software or allocate added resources and hardware. It offers total scalability and adds infrastructures and components as required. You are also allowed to track CPU load, CPU usage, disk space in RAM, disk usage and monitor key software including MySQL databases. You are given full choice of adding as many infrastructures and components as you need.
Tool #6: Whats Up Gold - Gold Premium
Features & Services: Processing loads can be handled by remote websites thereby minimizing the overhead of a central location; this tool features real-time centralized network management through multiple sites using individual dashboards. It offers actionable intelligence with more than 200 reports to slice consolidated data including SLA levels. Grn online is easy to set up, has a very useful feature set, with many options for notifications and detailed and personalized reporting.
Therefore, if you're eager to know about some of the most common server monitoring tools that you can use to ensure better performance of your website, you may choose from among the ones listed above. The leaders from DNSstuff recommend website owners to make an informed and measured decision before settling down with one.

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