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The Global Takeover Of 'Minecraft' Earth Beta The Global Takeover Of 'Minecraft Earth Beta' Begins This Month.

We haven't heard much about Minecraft Earth in a while. It is an augmented reality version of Mojang's game that transforms the real world into a playground of your pixel-perfect creations. The company said that an alpha version of the game would be out this summer. Now, along with a new trailer of the game, the company says it will launch on iOS within the next two weeks. Android will follow "soon thereafter."

After seeing live gameplay during WWDC last month, the announcement of iOS-first shouldn't be too surprising. The trailer gives a lot more details about the game. However, it's worth taking a look at the Apple demo to check whether you have any questions.

To be among the first players with access, you'll have to sign up for the free game right here (you'll need a device with at minimum iOS 10 or Android 7 to play, as per the FAQ). Access to the game is limited because they are adjusting load to servers. However you must be active to continue playing. If you don't play for seven consecutive days, another player will take your slot. minecraft pixelspark servers To register, you will require an Microsoft or Xbox Live account. Once you've signed up and have a password, you are left with nothing more than to wait and build.

Are you thinking that your life is great? It's about get even more beta! A few locations will be receiving the Minecraft Earth closed beta. minecraft pixelspark servers Register to get your chance to play Minecraft Earth!

- https://t.co/Loqfw0tt0w - pic.twitter.com/wAz2QG5zMa

Minecraft Earth (@minecraftearth), July 11 2019,

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