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You Can Now Play With Minecraft's Allay Mob

The latest Minecraft snapshot is out and it's a great one. Each snapshot showcases new mobs, features or building types, as well as other things the developers like. It's a good way to test how the proposed updates play out without causing too much disruption to players, and the 22w13a snapshot adds in the adorable Minecraft allay mob.

The allay is a new creature and a kind of cute blue sprite. They're not only friendly, but useful as well. You can give them things which will make you an additional friend who will help you collect the item from the vicinity. Although I love are an oddity, we believe they will quickly become one of the most popular mobs to be found on the internet.

You can appreciate the potential they hold as partners by looking at how attractive they appear when holding a book, but you can also see other applications by looking at their behavior in the dark. We're sure to see more examples of players using them and their unique characteristics soon .

The humble Allay isn't the only recent addition in this Minecraft snapshot however. 22w13a brings back the of ancient cities. These structures can be found in Deep Dark and you can explore them to find their secrets. Alongside the brand new Swift Sneaking enchantment which you can find in special chests, you'll also discover a new block called Reinforced Deepslate.

There are a variety of bug fixes, including where chest locks are placed inside chest boats. Additionally there are some interesting things about frogs. There are also I love to game events. Some have been renamed to ensure they are more consistent.

The article also explains how to install the snapshot if would like to play with the Minecraft Allay yourself. Keep in mind that doing this could corrupt your world, so make sure you follow the safe save protocols when doing so. It is crucial to backup the world.

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