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Hosting a Minecraft Server On Linode

The planets have aligned again, and I've returned to Minecraft. Every now and then, I feel the need to call my friends, create an entirely new server, and spend several days creating crazy things and fighting for survival on a blocky planet. CATS Normally hosting the server from my laptop. But this time, I wanted to do something different (read more complicated). I am a software developer and have the power of cloud computing at my disposal , so why not create Linode instances and host the server there?

The first night I made the horrendous mistake of trying to use my existing Linode instance to host the server. A paltry 1 core, 1GB memory machine is able to run a nice static website, but it's not great at running an online gaming server. If you want the server to crash constantly and eventually be unable to run on memory, then that's the method you should try

Linode's 4 core and 4GB memory instances are recommended if intend to play the game. This will be enough unless you intend on hosting dozens of people at the same time. Minecraft The best part is that those instances cost $0.06/hr. Last night, I was 4 hours playing with a friend and it cost me 24C/.

I've created a shell script that will install the software automatically and sign the EULA. So now whenever I want to play with friends, I just need to click a whole three buttons in Linode's administration panel, SSH into the server, execute my script, and play. After that, I can copy the world onto my Mac via FTP, and close the server. It's cheap, simple and fast.

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