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10 Of The Top Mobile Apps To Integrated Fridge Freezer
Integrated Fridge Freezers

The fridge freezers integrated into the fridge blend seamlessly into your kitchen, tucked behind the cupboard doors and creating a more streamlined appearance. But don't let the subtle fascias fool you: hidden behind them are surprisingly large storage spaces, and clever features that help to minimize the hassles of everyday life, such as frost.

The 50:50 split is a popular choice for those who prefer to keep equal amounts of frozen and fresh food items. Additionally the super-cool setting lowers the temperature of the fridge quickly to cool food faster.

Space Saving

Refrigerators that are integrated seamlessly into kitchen cabinets which reduces their visual impact. They also help to create an uncluttered and sleek appearance. This makes them ideal for homeowners who prefer a minimalist design particularly in open-plan kitchens and smaller living spaces.

You can choose between models that are completely hidden with the fridge doors and freezer doors covered in the same material that covers your cabinets or a model that is partially integrated, however, it has distinct "fridge-style" finish on the front of the refrigerator. It's all about preference. Both options have pros and cons. The fully concealed style provides less visual complications, while the partial style avoids scratches in the cabinet's finish, which could make your kitchen feel disjointed.

When choosing your new integrated fridge freezer, it's important to consider the overall capacity you need. Think about how often you go to the grocery store and how much space you require for both frozen and fresh products. A 70:30 integrated fridge freezer is an excellent option for families who want a an extra large refrigerator space with plenty of room to store leftovers, cooked in batches meals and ice cream.

If you're looking to replace for your fridge freezer that is integrated be sure to search for an A+++ energy rating or greater. This will allow you to reduce your energy bills. It is also important to ensure that you're replacing the same for like - an integrated fridge freezer can only fit inside cabinets designed to accommodate one.

At NE Appliances, we have an extensive selection of fridge freezers that integrate to fit every budget and style. There are cheap models from brands like Beko, Candy and Hotpoint which start at PS450, while our top-of-the-range AEG, Bosch, Siemens and Neff models are priced at PS800+. We will also install your new appliance at no cost and take away your old fridge or freezer when required. You can also avail of the Buy Now Pay Later option to spread the cost into three equal monthly payments.


The integrated fridge freezers are ideal for homeowners with small kitchens and open-plan living spaces as they can be placed behind a doorway to a cupboard. This creates an aesthetic that is seamless and helps reduce visual clutter. The latest integrated refrigerator freezers are designed for ease of use and have a variety of features to help you store and keep food fresh. A super-cool setting reduces the temperature of the appliance quickly to ensure that food stays frozen. Certain models feature a cold storage block that helps keep ice longer and an spout for drainage to drain water more easily when defrosting.

If you're in the market for an integrated refrigerator freezer, select one that complements the cabinets you already have. Some brands have refrigerators available in cream or white and others sport more modern designs with stainless steel finishes. If you need more storage space, you can purchase matching drawers to fit the freezer section.

Make american fridges freezers to check the capacity of the model you choose to make sure you can fit all your groceries inside. Capacity is normally quoted in litres. Low-cost models typically able to hold around eight bags of food items. The more expensive models like those made by AEG, Bosch, and Neff can accommodate up to 17 bags.

When choosing an integrated fridge it is important to take into account the cost of installation and customization. Installers may have to construct an additional bridging cabinet above the fridge, or remove fillers to accommodate it. This will increase your costs. Moreover, integrated fridges are considered permanent fixtures for your home and aren't able to be moved with you when you move.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing an integrated refrigerator is the type of hinge that it uses. The cheaper models will use hinges for cabinets, while the higher priced models will feature a an extremely strong soft close hinges that are attached directly to the appliance.

Energy Efficiency

Refrigerators with integrated freezers are designed to slot into your fitted kitchen without compromising the beautiful appearance you've spent your time perfecting. But don't let their invisibility fool you, these clever refrigerators are bursting with cavernous storage that can be set up to meet your needs, plus clever technology that will keep your food at its best.

A lot of the latest models have energy efficiency ratings, which will also help you keep your household expenses under control. Find fridges that have a low energy consumption label to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. You can also find freezers that are frost-free, which eliminates the need to defrost. This is especially important since fridge-freezers remain switched continuously - unlike freestanding models that only consume energy when they're being used.

The RS1884FLJK1 integrated fridge freezer from FISHER & PAYKEL is an illustration of this energy-efficient invention. The appliance consumes less energy than other models that rely on an integrated cooling system that is shared between both the freezer and fridge sections. It's an excellent choice if you need the space of a larger fridge-freezer, but have smaller family members, or if you prefer to store a large amount of frozen foods.

If you're looking to save even more energy, look for one with an antibacterial liner. This will stop the development of mould and bad smells. You can also select an option that fast-freezes which rapidly lowers the temperature inside the freezer, helping keep food fresher for a longer period after you've finished your grocery shopping.

When you're ready to buy an integrated fridge freezer, select one that has a good reputation for reliability and quality. Here at NE Appliances, we've got an array of brands such as Bosch and Hotpoint that will certainly delight. Our free installation and delivery service will ensure your peace of mind when we install your new appliance. We can also take away, recycle and disconnect your old appliance. We also offer Klarna Finance at checkout for customers who are looking for an easy and flexible method to pay.


Integrated fridge freezers are designed to fit seamlessly into your fitted interior without compromising the look of your kitchen. They can give your kitchen a sleek, sophisticated finish. They also play an important function in keeping your food fresh, safe and healthy. There are models for every taste, whether you're looking to hide the fridge or make it the focal point of your home. From modern stainless steel finishes to sleek black designs There are fridge freezers from top brands like Bosch and Hotpoint in our online collection.

Despite their shady appearance, fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators don't compromise storage space. They can provide ample room for a large turkey and plenty of bottles of bubbly. The doors can be opened either way depending on the model and some have sliding shelves that are simple to adjust to meet your needs.

There are even models that have built-in wine racks that allow you to store your most loved bottles in one place. These are ideal for homes that frequently host dinner parties or entertain guests.

You can also opt for taller integrated fridge freezers that offer a large amount of freezer and fridge space, perfect for families who utilize the freezer for bulk purchases of frozen meals or batch cooking meals to freeze. These models are typically around 177cm high and many are panel-ready, so they can be matched to the other cabinetry.

You can choose between different door splits if you opt for an integrated refrigerator that is tall. Models with a 50/50 split are perfect for households who prefer fridges over freezer, or who prefer their food to be kept at the right temperature. You can also pick between 60:40 or 70.30 if you prefer more freezer space.

If you're thinking of investing in an integrated fridge freezer look through the latest range at Appliance Centre. Appliance Centre's range includes items from the leading names in kitchen appliances, so you know you're getting value and quality. You can protect your investment by purchasing a fridge freezer policy.

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