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How To Find Minecraft Server IP Address?

Minecraft is an amazing game that lets you play with friends, on your own, or on multiple devices over an internet connection. You'll be amazed by how simple the interface is if have ever been to the Minecraft world or seen someone play it. There are no fancy graphics or a rigid set of rules. Yet, it's highly entertaining and addictive.

Multiplayer games are enjoyable. You can play with other Minecraft players! You need to play on an online server to do this. The question is: what are the benefits of using a Minecraft server?

Well, you have the freedom to create your own set of rules. You can invite others to join in your game, if you want. Mods are also available. If you'd like to feel a sense of control over the game, select the option to play on a server. Let's move on to the core subject. We will explain how to find the Minecraft server IP address.

How to find Minecraft Server IP address

When we talk about the Minecraft server IP address, it is identical to that of your PC. Now, if anyone wishes to connect to you, they must have your IP address. But, what is the procedure to determine your IP address? It's quite simple. Have the time to look.

Step 1 Step 1: Press the Windows key + R. This will open the run window as illustrated below. You can also check out our blog post on Windows shortcut keys to know more about shortcuts.

Step 2 The window will show on your screens. Now, type cmd and press Enter. A black screen appears on your device as can be seen in the image below.

Step 3: Next, type ipconfig/all then press Enter.

As you can see, it displays the IPv4 address in the red box. Well, that's it. That's your Minecraft server's IP address, too. If you are connected via wire, the IP address is mentioned under the Ethernet. Now, in case you'd like to create your own Minecraft server, you can keep your CMD window open, but if you don't, simply close it.

Now, you must forward ports to the Minecraft server through your router. To do this, consult the manual for your router. You'll also need to forward TCP port 2565 when you want to connect with multiple players.

To access the router's settings, enter the IP Address into the address bar of your browser. Next, type in the username and password to access the settings.

Check out our blog post to learn more about Minecraft server commands.

You may be thinking about how to create a server to play your game. Well, here is how!

How to create your Minecraft server [Step by step guide]

It is very easy to set up the Minecraft server. It is also extremely efficient in terms of time. Take a look at the steps below to understand the procedure:

Step 1: Install Minecraft with Java. Create an account on your device to store the Minecraft files. As it is obvious that a Minecraft server contains ample files,, you need a storage place for them.

Step 2: Next, click on the.jar file. Select the 'Run as administrator' option. Check out this screenshot

Step 3: Then, open up eula.txt from the application folder. Then, change eula=false from true.

Step 4: Next go to your cmd window , and then to your Minecraft folder. Type 'java -jar minecraft_server.1.9.5.jar' and press Enter afterward. You can change the filename according to the Minecraft jar file name.

Here's a quick look.

Step 5: Moving on, you need to check whether you can find the Minecraft server on the Minecraft website. Enter your server IP address and click the checkbox.

To join your server, you'll have to type "Localhost" The other players will need to use your IP address to connect to your.

Once you have enabled port forwarding, the server should now work properly. Now you are ready to establish connections.

Port forwarding is an integral part of the process, as, without it, the router is unable to block any type of outside connection requests.

The next segment of this article informs you about the procedure for users to join your server.

How can others join your Minecraft server [Step by Step Guide]

For instance, you share your IP address with your friends whom you want to play the game. What happens next? How to set up a Minecraft server?

If you have the IP address, you can follow these steps to create connections:

Step 1: Open Minecraft on your device.

Step 2: Select the option "Direct connect".

Step 3. Now, enter the IP address into the box.

Step 4: Hit the button 'Join server'.

Congratulations! Your mission to establish a connection with the Minecraft server has been completed successfully.

This article provides a brief understanding and information on how to find Minecraft server IP addresses and how to set it for multiplayer. There are other informatics articles you need to be aware of, such as customizing your server, adding mods , so keep up with monovm.com. If you're seeking the best Minecraft server lists that are available online for active users you can find them here. If you want to create your own multiplayer server or locate the server's IP address, you can do in this article.

Keep going. Keep Learning.

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